Those taking an English Speaking Course should expect to
  • Correctly articulate points
  • Speak from a small list of points as opposed to a prepared script
  • Speak publicly without reading verbatim
  • Learn to avoid use of filler words
  • Overcome glossophobia - the fear of public speaking
  • Cite sources correctly, even during verbal presentations
  • Use graphical aids effectively
  • Present a slide show
  • Take questions from a crowd
  • Use body language to their advantage

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Students taking an English Writing Course will:
  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Improve their spelling
  • Learn to write succinctly
  • Write in a manner that is less wordy
  • Learn to write clearly in a manner appropriate for the audience reading the material
  • Learn the difference between different styles of writing
  • Recognize the variations between different English dialects
  • Write creatively as well as descriptively
  • Describe an event or a place
  • Define individual words

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Those who are currently enrolled in and English Grammar Course will:
  • Learn to spot grammatical errors
  • Correct and edit text
  • Understand the difference between passive and active voice
  • Grasp the differences between spoken and written grammar
  • Understand proper subject-verb agreement
  • Format sentences correctly
  • Learn to properly use conjunctions
  • Learn how to use a lexicographical reference
  • Be able to describe the differences between the parts of speech
  • Correctly use punctuation

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Online English Courses

Everyone knows that English can be one of the most challenging subjects to deal with, all the writing and reading that it entails is understandably difficult, these things require you to communicate in a way that’s much more structured and formal than the verbal communication we’re used to, and many people struggle with the unfamiliar and restrictive nature of written communication. This kind of struggle can make English classes difficult, having to constantly read books or write essays can severely harm a students’ grade, and just because you’re not some English whiz doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a great grade! That’s what our English courses online are here for, we want to provide you anyone with an online English course that can help them with what they need and ultimately improve their grades!

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